What do I need to make the podcast recording?

First you need a microphone and a device to record your information with. There are a few different combinations that
will work.

  1. A PC/Laptop + Microphone + Audacity (Free recording Software).
  2. An iMac/Macbook (there is an internal microphone) + Garageband
  3. iPod (With recording Device attachment) + iTunes
  4. Some other Digital recorder that will give you an MP3 or other compatible file.

Important information for students who create podcasts:


Do not have any music as an introduction that is copyrighted.


Keep it under 5 minutes.


If you want to record at home have Mr. Leonard approve your topic. Once you

       are done, give the MP3 to Mr. Leonard. You may also make an MP4 with images.


District Podcasting Website

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