Some Sources of Physics Simulations and Tutorials

Here is a list of Good Physics Simulations and Help Pages:

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By Hanbury:

Inclined Plane Screencast
Vector Componenets Screencast
Momentum Screencast
Torque Screencast
Free Body Diagram Screencast

Bozeman Science

Khan Academy

BBC Physics Help Pages : Pages that offers Tutorials in many Physics Topics. Good Graphics and practice problems with solutions.

Physics Classroom:  A great site that follows our course syllabus almost exactly.   It contains tutorials and additional information, including some animations to explain physics concepts.


NTNU Java Applets
Great Simulations of Physics Phenomena - Requires JAVA

LIne Rider:  A fun simulation of conservation of energy and also the forces involved in circular motion - draw a line and a man on a sled will ride along the line you draw . . . experiment with loops and jumps - have fun!!!

Monkey Lander:  Fun Simulation of Forces on a rocket landing on the moon - a class favorite!

PHET simulation: Very Colorful Simulations of Modern Physics and Optics.

Physics 2000: More Good Simulations that Require JAVA

Flash Physics Animations : A compilation of Flash Animations for Physics

Colors and Color Vision: A great site with interactive demos of color vision

Kirchhoff's Rules Demonstration;  Good simulation of the calculation of Kirchhoff's Loop rules using a real circuit with multiple batteries. 












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