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Period 4 Physics*

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Period 8 Physics*

Course Syllabus:

Physics Course Outline

I. Introduction (Three Weeks)
a. Math Review
b. Conversions Quiz- Conversions
c. Scientific Notation (Lab- Graphing)

d. Significant Figures Quiz- Scientific Notation (Lab Measuring)

II. Motion in One Dimension- (5 Weeks)
a. Speed problems of distance and Time (Lab-Speed) 
b. Relative Velocity  (Lab -Graph Matching)
c. Quiz- Velocity
d. Problems of Distance, time and Acceleration  Quiz- Acceleration
e. Acceleration of Gravity. (Lab- Gravity)    Test-Motion

End of Quarter One

III. Forces - (Five Weeks)
a. Newton's Laws (Lab: Newtons Law)
b. Weight and Mass  (Lab: Forces and Masses)
c. Dynamics in One dimension Quiz- F=ma
d. Vectors/Trigonometry Quiz- Vectors
e. Friction (Lab-Friction) Quiz- Friction
f. Dynamics in Two Dimensions
g. Dynamics Problems in Two Dimensions with Friction. Test- Forces

IV. Circular Motion- (Four Weeks)
a. Projectile Motion (Lab Proj. Trajectory) Quiz -Projectiles
b. Tangential Velocity Quiz- Tang.
c. Centripetal Force (Lab: Cent. Force) Quiz Centripetal Force
d. Newton's Law of Gravity
e. Satellite Orbits Test: Circular Motion

End of Semester One

Semester Two-
V. Work and Energy- (Four Weeks)
a. Work and Energy Forms, (Lab - Ramps) 
b. Simple Machines (Lab Pulleys)  Quiz: Work
c. Power (Lab: Horsepower) 
d. Work - Energy Theorem,  Quiz- Work and Energy
e. Conservation of Energy,  Quiz- Conservation Energy
f.  Test: Energy

VI. Momentum-

a. Momentum and Impulse

b. Conservation of Momentum

c. Inelastic and Elastic Collisions in one dimension
d.  Quiz: Conservation of Momentum

End of Quarter 3

Quarter 4:
VII. Pressure- (Two Weeks)
a. Static Pressure / Hydrauli
b. Pressure at Depths Quiz- Pressure
c. Buoyancy (Lab: Archimedes) Quiz Buoyancy
Test: Pressure

VIII. Dynamic Pressure- (Two Weeks)
a. Aeronautics -Turbulence vs. Laminar Flow
b. Bernoulli’s Equation

IX. Electricity- (Three Weeks)
a. Static Electricity (Lab Electroscope) Quiz Static Charges
b. DC Electricity (Light bulb Lab)
c. Ohms' Law
d. Equivalent Cicuit Resistance Quiz- Complex circuits
e. Power in DC circuits Test: Electricity

Sometimes as Time Permits or in place of Electricity

Waves and Sound- (Two Weeks)
a. Wave properties (Lab- Slinkey)
b. Wavelength, speed and frequency calculations
c. Sound Lab on resonance in a tube (Lab)
d. Speed of Sound Calculations Quiz: Sound and Waves

Light- (Three Weeks)
a. EM Spectrum
b. Light Properties / Relativity
c. Reflection (Lab-Image Location) Quiz- Reflection of Light
d. Refraction (Lab Snell's Law) Quiz- Refraction of Light
e. Ray Drawings and Lenses Test: Light

Six Flags Trip

X. Exams


XI. Graduation!!!