OWL Troubleshooting Fall 2015

This is from one of our excellent IT folks (Mr. Berardinelli):

"Since I helped a student with this yesterday, I thought it might be useful as you may have others run into the same issue.

If you're using the OWL simulations with your classes, they run in Java.

Since java is not supported on the Chromebooks, your students may need to do a little tweaking on their personal computers in order to get it to run (at first they will likely get an error that it cannot run due to security reasons).

There is a troubleshooting article here that describes the fix. It is a little behind as far as operating system versions are concerned, but the steps remain the same. http://kb.uits.uconn.edu/2015/06/05/troubleshooting-owl-software/

The article says to turn the security down to Medium. With the latest version of Java, Medium is no longer a choice. Instead, they'll have to move it to "High" (instead of "Very high").

The short version: They will need to go into Java config/preferences > Security tab > Add site exception > type http://owl.cengage.com and click "yes" to the warning that pops up to add it anyway."