Directions to register:

   1. Go to www.cengage.com/owl.

   2. Under the Choose Your Course area, hover over General Chemistry.

   3. Click Register.

   4. Click your textbook name. Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, 7th Edition ; Masterton, Hurley, Neth; ISBN: 1-111-42710-0 (note this does not look like your class textbook because you have the 6th edition).  It should look like this:

   5. Click -*****University of Connecticut- Storrs, Connecticut*****
         DO NOT CLICK Berlin High School, Berlin, Connecticut. This will result in you registering for the wrong course and then needing to purchase the OWL program on your own to re-register for the proper course.

   6. Click the blue arrow in the Student Registration column.

   7. Find the Course BHS ECE Chemistry 2015-16 and click the blue arrow next to the your Section # (period number).

   8. Follow instructions to complete the Self-Registration Form. Use your OWL Access Code (distributed in class) in the Access Code space.

   9. Press Continue to finish the registration process. The Successful Registration page will be displayed.

   10. Click on the link at the top of the page to go to the Login Page. Bookmark this page in your browser as your login page for future visits.